Heavy Duty 3 In 1 Tacker (160×23×140mm)
17.28 AZN
Vəziyyəti : Yeni
Anbarda qalan : 10

  • Easy-squeeze product works overtime as a staple gun, brad nailer, cable tacker and wire tacker

  • Fastens 3 different types of staples: flat crown staples, round crown staples and brad nails

  • Ideal for upholstery, wood working, ceiling tiles, rack & roofing

  • Adjustable punch force to match for different material hardness.

  • Less force to squeeze and more driving power

  • Non-slip grip and quick jam release

  • Made of all carbon steel construction.

  • Flat crown staples 4-14mm(5/32”-9/16”) 200pcs/1box

  • Round crown staples 10-12mm(3/8”-1/2”) 200pcs/1box

  • Brad Nails 10-14mm(3/8”-9/16”) 200pcs/box

  • Material: Carbon Steel

  • Individual packing: Double blister

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