Dust Blowing & Vacuum Cleaner
68.4 AZN
Vəziyyəti : Yeni
Anbarda qalan : 10

2 Tool in 1 :
Vacuum cleaner

Blowing cleaner
 High power, fast clean

  • Reusing washable dust bag
  • Dual Blowing & Vacuum function

High power output 450W

  • Easy operation and energy-saving
  • Large power trigger with conveniently located lock-on button
  • Maximum air volume of 2.3m3/min for faster clean up
  • Combines blowing and vacuum functions, quickly converts to a vacuum for added versatility
  • Reusing washable dust bag
  • Collecting dust by included dust bag, as a simple vacuum cleaner will not cause dust flowing



Product Name:MS-C005I

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